Sunday, November 18, 2007

Borrowed Light

An honest, emotional and down to earth story, twisting mysteries of the moon and stars into the painful experiences of a sixteen year old girl, Borrowed Light is written with grace and has a unique style to it.
Callisto May is named after a moon, and a night she gazes up at the twinkling stars, thousands of years old, perhaps already dead. She could tell you something you didn't know every day, but when it comes to being herself she has no idea.
She calls herself a moon: a borrower of light, and tries to fit in, blending her personality, her appearance, to those around her. A disaster at sixteen shakes her out of this boring way of life, but she finds she has been as distant as the furthest galaxy, and there's no one to help. Throughout this book she deals with her family and its foggy secrets, licked with dust but always there, and the realization that there's no one to be except yourself.
Anna Feinberg writes with piercing sensitivity and skilled perception of every day life that makes this book one of my favourites. It's completely believable and beautifully touching, and has been shortlisted.

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