Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chris Wooding

Interested in Chaos engines, personal universes or unimaginably terrible wych-kin that can turn your wildest nightmare into reality? Chris Wooding's books have it all. I have read three of his books- Storm Thief, a brilliantly pictured adventure about two slum kids fighting for freedom away from ruling Thief Lords and the unpredictable Chaos Engine, generating probability storms where anything is possible. Moa and Rail (the slum kids) get unlikely help from a Golem, Vago, who is tormented by a past he doesn't know anything about. The three of them struggle to break free from a future that was knotted into the past.
The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray is another inspiring read. Based in London, sometime in an alternative past, wych-kin dwell and feast on human pray. Yet there is a plot whiring up some far more fearsome foes. Wych-kin Hunter Thaniel finds himself teamed with a motley crew determined to stop nightmares capturing the city. I liked this book for its quirkiness and interesting ideas, and the ending is sublime- the extreme last bit. Out of three books,Poison is the one I enjoyed the least- not to say it isn't good. I think because this book is so much more different from the others; it plays more with the idea that your whole life is a story, and you cannot know what is real and what is not. Based in an land possessed by gruesome creatures, Poison, a rebellious teenager sets off to rescue her sister, kidnapped by a monster. While this might sound cheesey it's not a bad read, and doesn't come across nearly so corny.
All of Chris Wooding's book are written with flair and capture interest immediately. Plots twist and turn and the one thing i love above all else in these books is that you never know what is going to happen. Definitely recommended!
Other books by Chris Wooding: The Broken Sky Series- Crashing, Endgame, Kerosene and Catchman. Click here for the official site.

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