Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Universe

Here's a few theories about the universe, and sorry if its not explained satisfactorialy- i'm doing my best to wrap my head around the theories. Quirky fact number one is we know that the universe is expanding because of the colour of the stars. Confused? let me explain...the stars at night have a slight red tint to them- not very visible, but it's there. Red is very low down on the colour spectrum, so the stars are moving away. If the stars were coloured with somthing higher on spectrum we would be able to tell they were moving towards us. This is called the Doppler Shift.
Another quirky fact is about a sort of Multiverse theory (that there are many universes) and black holes. It involves that instead of Black Holes just eating up matter and squashing it down really, really tightly, matter in black holes is actually shooted out to make another universe.

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