Friday, April 11, 2008


Twilight is one of my favourite books. Written by Stephanie Meyer (click here for the official website) It is the highly realistic teenage love story- with a catch. Unique Bella Swan, the main character, is in love with a vampire. The 'vegetarian' vampire, Edward Cullen, feeds off animals instead of humans and a relationship with Bella takes most of his self control. He is terrified by the possibility of ever hurting Bella, and the book portrays all the emotions superbly. I found it one of those rare books that you literally can't put down, and it was very well written with light humour and a captavating plot. It is the first in the series, followed by New Moon, Eclispe, and the lastest is to be released on the 2nd of August. Stephanie Meyer is releasing another book, The Host, which also sounds like a great read.

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