Friday, April 11, 2008

Noughts And Crosses

Society has been reversed. Its an alternate course of history, and the simple swap of making white people (noughts) discriminated against and black people (crosses) have the majority of power powerfully demonstrates the unfairness of such discrimination, and the stupidness of rascism. The message that I got is that people are people no matter what colour skin they have, how old they are, where they come from. It doesn't matter. Irrelevant, and anybody who takes such differences to be a blight or mark is nothing more than a school yard bully on a grand scale.
Noughts And Crosses, written by Malorie Blackman is the most emotional book I have ever read. I cried at the end. Persephone Hadley, or Sephy, is a cross, and friends with callum. As their friendship deepens and evolves into a ferice love they are met with society's block. What will prevail; their love, or the social barrier that has been constructed?
People are driven to the extremes in this book because society cannot accept that each race is equal to another, and somebody pays the ultimate price.
I cannot see how anybody can NOT get anything out of this book, even if love stories aren't your thing, because i found this book briliantly written and confronting in opinions and social injustices. Read it!

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