Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Naked Bunyip Dancing

Naked Bunyip Dancing is a book of free verse poems. DON'T be discouraged. Steven Herrick, the author, has written many award winning books (also free verse), although i have only had the pleasure of reading two. Naked Bunyip Dancing is a collection of poems about a year at school including friend issues, the awkwardness between divorced parents, baffling teachers, you name it. It's impossible to read it without laughing your head off and there's plenty of quirky ideas to go in with the mix. its only short and won't take long to read, but every page is worth it. Official website is where you can also order the books. By the river, another book of Herrick is extremley emotionally powerful and compelling, but not as funny. It is a book targeted more at teens while Naked Bunyip Dancing could and SHOULD be read by anyone.

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